NEO HS2064


Keypad Programming
Zone Labeling (Input words)

Communicator – TL880LECVZ N
Wiring Instruction

Master code: 1234
Installer default code: 5555

Options -> Installer Menu

*: Accept (selected settting)
#: exit (to previous menu)

To Default the system
Go to Section 9999
press 9999 and then * to go to the submenu

Enroll modules (automatic)
Go To Section 902

Zone Setup:

Zone Definition
Go to Section 001

Zone 1 Setup (001), For example: front door
Choose “Delay”, press * to accept it (it needs delay)

Zone 2 (002), For example: back door
Select “Instant” and press * to accept it (should be instant)

Zone 3 (003), for example: living room sensor
Select “Int Stay/Away” (Interior Stay/Away)

Zone 4 (004), for example: 4-wire smoke detector
Select “Standard Fire” (Interior Stay/Away)

Zone 5 (005), for example: nothing is attached to it
Select “null” (or 000)

Define which zone is in use
Go to 201 (section)

First 1-8 Zones
To turn each zone on or off:

Toggle each one by pressing “*” or just zone number

Define Entry/Exit Delay
Go to 005 (System Area)
Select 001 (1 Partition System)
Entry Delay 1 (it is used for entry, minimum is 30 sec., we may change it to 45 sec. or more)
Entry Delay 2 (e.g. it used for garage)

Exit Delay 1 (may use longer period of time: 120 sec. or even more)

To use resistor
Go to 013
Toggle (1) -> NC (Normal Close) Loops to “Y” (not use ressistors)

Go to 015
Toggle (2) – [P]Key Audible Y (to make it an audible alarm)

Toggle (7) TLM (Use land line phone) TLM Enabled “N” (not to use phone line)

Wireless Section
Go to 804

Program Date & Time
Options -> User Function

Zone labeling
Installer Menu -> label Programming -> Zones

Change Installer Code
Go to Section 006

Alarm System