Partnership Program for Accounting Professionals

What We Can Do Together

As a business IT service provider, Dataclub has been offering IT consulting, implementation and support in accounting and ERP packages and related IT infrastructure for over 20 years. We recognize and value accounting professionals for their knowledge and earned experience in serving their clients. To accomplish win-win for both accounting and IT professionals in generating revenues, we would like make joint efforts to continue our proved service in the area to help businesses in various industries achieve improved productivity and greater profitability. Simply, just select your business clients in need of accounting or ERP packages or any IT systems for their daily operation. Dataclub will come in to perform the rest of work: consulting on effective solutions, implementation (installation, configuration, training, etc.), and support and maintenance. We will achieve highest customer satisfaction as we have been doing in last 20 years. In addition, we will recommend your service to our clients who need book keeping or an accounting help.

We Provide the Billing Documents

Correct and effective billing is the base for getting paid for you and Dataclub. Dataclub will submit the following documents to the clients and you as well:

We Reward You for Your Introduction & Coordination Efforts Even Every Month

We will pay you as much as 10% of our total service revenue for each implementation and 8% -10% of our monthly service fee if any support/maintenance contract is signed. It will form a good cash flow for you as much desired by many businesses. Every month, we provide you with folllowing report: