Design, build and support
  • Multilingual Business Website, eStore, eCommerce Site, etc.
  • CMS programming and SEO
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

    Microsoft CRM, WP CRM

  • Email & Collaboration System

    Microsoft Exchange Server (Professional deployment and Support since 1997)

  • Accounting & ERP Packages

    QuickBooks, SAP Business One, Microsfot AX

  • IT Outsourcing

    Let us take care of your daily IT tasks while you focus upon your business goals.

  • Managed Cloud Service

    No need to pay for expensive IT physical infrastructure. Immediate start to enjoy file sharing, storage, collaboration, and all.

    Try our professional and dependable service on Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) & Wide Area Networks (WAN)

    Network service to build, monitor, maintain and support businenss IT infrastructure with an affordable and predictable cost structure

  • Enterprise WiFi Solutions

    Build and support High Performance WiFi networks for enterprises

  • Internet Access/Intranet/VPN

    Reliable Internet/intranet access, Headquarters & Branch Office Connectivity and more...

Design, install and support
  • Servers & Clients

    Windows Server, Linux servers, SQL Server, PCs, mobile devices, etc.

  • Messaging & Collaboration

    Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Virtualization

    VMware, Hyper-V