Automatically archive orders

Search for Sales & Receivables Setup
Select related under Archive

Search for Purchases & Payables Setup
Select related under Archive

Refer to Archive Documents

Reverse Vendor Payment

Reverse or Correct
Go to Vendors->Vendor->Ledger Entries
Select Payment for ‘Unapply’
Select it again to do ‘Reverse Entries’

General Journals

For direct Debt and Credit Entries, choose More options->Fewer options

Sales/Purchase Invoice Payment

Sales Order Payment
Cash Receipt Journals
1. Document Type: Payment
2. Account Type: Customer
3. Select “Apply Entries” (submenu under Home)
3.1 Select the Invoice to pay
3.2 Click “Set Applies to ID”
4. Post…

Same way to process Purchase Order Payment

Inventory Management

Inventory Setup

Physical Inventory Levels

Item Substitutions

Time Sheets


Production order

Business Central