Business Phone System & Service

Unlimited local and long distance calling on US 48 states and Canada, International on China, HK and Taiwan

  • Auto Attendant, (总语音接线)extension (分机功能)and company directory(公司指引功能)
  • Extension dialing (内部分机接拨)
  • Message/Music on Hold (在线音乐等候)
  • Call groups (分组响铃)
  • Simple online administration (网上管理电话转接功能和电话记录)
  • Keep existing business and fax numbers (保留原来的电话号码和传真号码)
  • Conference Bridge (电话会议功能)
  • Voice message (语音信箱)
  • Online Management (上网管理电话)


Price Unit: Monthly



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